Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For the past few days there has been much in the US news  about the "lynching in Jerusalem". Four Arab boys, simply because they were Arabs,  were attached by Zionist teens who beat them, dragged them, kicked them, cursed them.  One boy was beaten until he lost consciousnesses, he was taken to hospital and didn't regain consciousnesses until the next day. (did they want to kill them?) 

The boys attacker told the press; if it was up to him, "I'd have murdered him." He didn't care if the boy died, "he's an Arab" 

The attacker, age 15, joined the chorus of his peers, "Death to Arabs" they sang. And no one intervened. Not  the policeman who watched the action; he didn't even call for assistance .....he left the scene having done NOTHING! A crowd watched and cheered on the Israeli teens....someone did call the police but no one tried to help the Palestinians or stop the Israelis. The brave took photos and film using their phones. Their blogs and facebook pages documented the action. 

Where does such hatred come from? Blame the parents? Blame the schools? And why is it tolerated; even encouraged. The victim, because he's an Arab, a Palestinian, is fair game and has few, if any rights or protections. Isn't Israel a democracy? 

From Israeli news: Nimrod Aloni, the head of the Institute for Educational Thought at a Tel Aviv teachers college, said, “this cannot just be an expression of something he has heard at home.”

“This is directly tied to national fundamentalism that is the same as the rhetoric of neo-Nazis, Taliban and K.K.K.,” Mr. Aloni said. “This comes from an entire culture that has been escalating toward an open and blunt language based on us being the chosen people who are allowed to do whatever we like.”

Finally someone is talking about the elephant in the room!

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  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Doing nothing? If you read the reports in Yediot and Maariv they paint a rather different picture!!